Tuesday, December 25, 2007

White Christmas

Wow.....we had a White Christmas.
It began snowing at noon and continued for hours. It was really nice.
Abbie opened her stocking this morning. She went crazy for her Carob cookies. It wasn't until after she got a cookie that she gained any interest in her new chew toys. We played for a while...went for a walk in the freezing wind (before the snow) and when I left for a couple of hours, I gave her a new bone! I was surprised to find she had not chewed it while I was gone. When I returned, she had it in her mouth, and waited by the door. I let her out into the snow-filled back yard and she immediately hid her new bone.
I don't have a clue where it is!
Auntie Dee wanted to bring her a small piece of turkey, but knowing she has a little bit of a sensitive stomach, I refrained and gave her another Carob cookie. I left at 10:00, returned at 1:00 to
let her pee and then returned for good at 3:30.
She is a happy camper as you can see.
We are looking forward to Auntie Dee not having to do
anything tomorrow except an early appt.
That means more Abbie time------YiPEEEE!