Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not enough toys!

Did I mention that Abbie was deprived. Seriously, she may not have enough toys! LOL. She is anything BUT deprived. This is just a few of her toys. She loves being surrounded by them and, as you can see, she has made a bed of them for herself!

Abbie is extremely smart. She knows how to speak, shake, roll over, sit, stay, and show you exactly where her Cookie jar is! In fact, she has ME trained. She will give me her little growl - letting me know that she wants something. I will say 'What is it Abbie'. She growls and starts walking towards the room that holds her Cookies. I'll say 'Show me what you want'. She immediately heads to the Cookie Jar. I really have to restrain and tell her 'No No....not any more' or she will weigh 200 pounds when her mommy and daddy come home.

We are now on day 4 together. We have been walking every day in-between the weather conditions. I had to leave her today to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping. She was very glad to see me when I returned. When I let her out, I walked with her and she spotted a rabbit on her property. Abbie might be ten years old, but she is still very spry! She went after that rabbit like she was a puppy! Of course the rabbit went outside her invisible fence perimeter and Abbie sat, turned to look at me as if to say....'Well, don't just sit there....go get that rabbit for me!'. She is so cute! Stay tuned for more adventures of Abbie!