Friday, January 23, 2009


How can you resist a face like that? She is such a sweet dog and she is in hog heaven at the moment. The weather has worked in our favor the last few days and we managed to get some walks in after the fog lifted and before the sun went down. Auntie Dee bought her a new bone today and she will get it tomorrow before her mommy and daddy come home. She has spent time outdoors while I go to the store. But, I always leave around noon to check on her and put her in the house it is too cold. We are suppose to get freezing temperatures and possible snow flurries the next few days.

So, everything is fine on the homefront. We have been cleaning house and doing some chores and getting ready for everyone to get home and be back to the normal routine. She loves her Auntie Dee, but loves her mommy and daddy even more.