Thursday, February 19, 2009

Underdog........or Wunderdog

Abbie and I are spending time together again. Always enjoy my time with her. She enjoyed her day today. She spent time outside for about four hours in the sunshine. But, she was glad to see me when I got here for her dinner time.
I brought her some new treats. Costco has started selling them. They only have one percent fat and they are bite size. She scarfed them up. I attempted a new trick with her. I have never tried it with her before but since she is so smart, I thought she might know what to do.
I made her sit and stay. I placed the treat on her nose, holding her snout so she would know not to move. She let me get that soon as I moved my hand, she flung her head and threw it across the room and then chased it. Well, at least she gave it a try! She needs to work on her accuracy, but she can do it, I know she can.
We plan to spend all day Saturday and Sunday together, with the exception of a little shopping for Auntie Dee.
I will post some recent pictures of her tomorrow! She is doing great!