Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Treats!

Abbie and I are doing OSCAR night. Although she would rather we do OSCAR MEYER night, she is enjoying the new treats I brought her from Costco. She knows they are in her cookie jar and has no problem showing me what she wants.
We spent the last two days doing some spring cleaning. Everything from cob webs to scouring the bathrooms, she just lays by the front door until its time for another cookie! Actually, she spent some time outside today as it was a beautiful day. I drove my friend to the airport and when I returned she had a friend with her. A large dog that I believe lives across the street. She looks like a Begian Malinois? She was sweet and friendly and Abbie seemed to enjoy playing with her.
As usual all went well. She has helped me nurse myself the last two days as well. I took a pretty hard fall at work on the cement and hurt my tailbone. She just jumps up on the bed and lays down with me as if to know I am in pain.
I have decided that my next dog child will be a Golden. Probably within the year and I would love it to be the clone of Abbie. She truly is the best ever!
Abbie and I will be together again in April. Until then, I will miss her.