Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kira and Joe.....

I have been at Kira's for two days. Kira has a new catmate named Joe. Both Kira and Joe are solid black and after getting to know Joe, I believe he was sent to this family because he and Kira seem to have a secret bond.
Last time I visited them, Joe was new to the house and stayed in the spare room most of the time. He has progressed into the rest of the house and he and Kira seem to get along very well. They have both slept on the bed with me and they are respectful of each other's space. Both have great personalities and they were very lucky to have been adopted by this family.
Both Kira and Joe are doing great. My friend, Kathy, is helping me out as I have two families this week. However, her help works out great as Kira knows us both and she loves us both!
Stay tuned for pictures coming soon.