Monday, March 16, 2009


We had a break in the rain and snow today and this is where I found Maggie. She was pondering.....probably thinking about what ELSE she could chew up.

I was gone just a few hours today as my store is closed on Monday. So, I thought I would spend time with them and give them some exercise. In the short time I was gone, they anhialated the house! She and Baby chewed up a rubber black mat and any piece of paper they could find. They even had a pair of nail clippers...can't imagine where they found those. They have trained me to make sure EVERTHING is picked up, put in a closet and all the doors are closed. They are out of control....but, they are so damn cute you can't stay mad at them. So, I just clean up the mess and we move on!

I am sure that mommy and daddy know this about Brutus, but he is having some problems with his teeth. Primarily due to his age, but he has trouble chewing and this usually a sign of bad teeth. It might help to use warm water on his kibble to soften it so that he can chew a little better. However, never let it be said that he is passive. Teeth or no teeth...if Maggie or Baby mess with his bone, he will rip their head off! Teeth or no teeth! LOL

This is our las night together. I will clean up before I leave in the morning, but no promises on what Mommy and Daddy find when they return home!! Good luck!