Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dogs dreaming of Hawaii.......

The pups and I have only our dreams of Hawaii as their mommy has the real thing!!!! This morning Ernie, Sugar, Marvy and Luna woke up dreaming of riding the wild waves in Hawaii. We did our morning routine and enjoyed the early morning sunshine as if it were the sun rising over the horizon! it was a far stretch....but we have our imaginations and we used them this morning.
All the pups are doing well even though I am sure they are missing their mommy badly. We played ball and chased rabbits. With cookies hanging out of their mouths, the pups went off to romp on their beautiful grounds that they love so well. I really look forward to seeing them each morning and evening. I have been feeling so well that it makes it that much more exciting to hang out with them in the morning sunshine. Even Ernie seems to be perkier these days.
So, all in all, we are all doing very well and anxious to get the rull report on Hawaii when mommy gets home!!!! Lots of puppy kisses to the small island! Aloha!