Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Beautiful weekend with our little Josie. Computer problems have plagued me the last two times I have been here. But I think we are up and running now with the exception of new pictures to share with everyone. The weather has been very cooperative this weekend which helps with our walks each day. Although I never leave Ms. Josie alone very long, she acts as if I have been gone for a year the way she greets me. She gets herself all twisted in a knot when she hears the key go in the front door. I hate to brag.....but, I really do have the cutest animals ever!
Not much else to report other than she is doing fine. She loved sleeping with me last night (and every night ) I have been here nearly the entire time so she is loving that. She did tell me though that she misses her mommy and daddy and can't wait for them to come home and spoil her! I told her not to worry, they would be home on Sunday!