Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Olivia to Punkin

The puppy is doing so good. She is very smart
and will be easy to train.
However, the name 'Olivia' does not suit her.
She is quirky, playful, rambunctious and loving.

She is the color of Punkin,
so I changed her name to Punpkin.
She is doing so well at night in the whelping pen.
I don't plan to keep her in there after she settles a bit.

I am taking her into my bedroom so
that she can get used to sleeping with me.
I put the ramp up so she could jump
on the bed. She doesn't know yet
that she needs to lay down and go to sleep.
She shocked me today as she did something
my little Otis used to do. We called it 'Mach One'.

she runs really fast back and forth and in circles.
I can't believe she does this because I have
stayed with a lot of dogs and Otis was the first
I'd seen it. Otis used to love me putting my
hand under the blanket and he would try
to catch it. Punkin did the same thing today.

Maybe, she is Otis reincarnated.
Otis was one in a million, Peepers is the Queen
and Punkin?
Well, Punkin will be the terror!
But an Oh, so smart terror.