Thursday, July 10, 2008

My new FurChild

I haven't blogged in a while as I have been traveling and my travel computer was in repair. I am back in business and will be blogging soon as I have several pet sits coming up.
But, before I do that....
please meet the newest member of my family.
Her name is Punkin. She is 50% Pug and 50% Shitzhu. She actually has the face of a Brussels Griffon and she is sweet as sugar. I picked her up today and she came home to meet her Pug sister and her Cat sister. The cat ran and my Pug (Peepers) thought she was her baby.
Peepers has never taken to other dogs in the house but she was beside herself
trying to take care of this little one. I am so glad they enjoy each other.
I purchased a big whelping pen some time ago in anticipation
of getting a new baby. She has her own little house to stay in when I am not home.
She gets to run when someone is here to observe her.
She was excellent on the ride home to her new house and we stopped to show her off to a friend. She laid in my lap while I drove and she has this little way of singing. She lifts her head up and lets out a little howwwwwlllll. She's ever so soft about it and it made me laugh when she did it.
She is loving and affectionate. She has been raised around other animals and there was no problem bringing her into the new home.
You will be seeing more of Punkin in the future.