Monday, November 7, 2011

A day at the farm.....or three days.....

Well, I have been at the Farm since Friday night but I have been very lax in the blogging area. Sorry about that. Let's just say it hasn't been uneventful.
Having arrived late Friday night made for a late night anyway, so needless to say, I was still awake at 3 am when Cassie went nuts! She scared the crud out of me as she jumped out of a dead sleep and lunged for the windows in the dining area. She will usually do this at least once a night, but will usually stop the panic barking after a minute or two. She was not letting up this time and I had to see if I could catch a glimpse as to what she was barking at. Cassie not only has radar hearing, she has radar vision as well. I think she was born with night vision as I could not see anything in the pitch black area she was barking towards. I flipped on the Deck light to see if I could get enough light to see something. Sure enough, I could the outlines of movement in the pasture area. I could make out movement and the outline of figures moving about. I could tell they were fawn in color (any other color would have not shown up in the dim light). They were bigger than a deer but not as big as an Elk. And there were more than I had ever seen EVER! I counted 30 figures in the dark and I am sure there were more than that. I have seen a family of Deer and a family of Elk, but never have I seen a whole herd! I wanted more light so I could snap a photo, but there was no light to be had. They grazed for about two hours and Cassie did not leave the window until she was satisfied they were going away. By this time we were all awake for the rest of the night.
Saturday night was almost a carbon copy of the first night, but this time it was a Pack of Coyotes. Again, and by now I must sound ridiculous......I have NEVER heard that many Coyotes in all my years in this state! They were so loud and so eerie that I swear they were going to lift the house with their screams! It was kind of spooky! Cassie's incessant barking finally made them disperse and all was quiet except for my nerves! Another sleepless night.
But last night was much quieter and a much shorter version of the two nights preceding. Cassie woke us at 2:30am and barked for a short time and then laid back down to sleep.
I am anxious to see what tonight brings......well, sort of. :-)
The horses are doing fine, except Laramie is showing me a side I have never seen before. He is quite aggressive at feeding time. I have seen him eat his food, bite the other horses and bully them out of their stalls to eat their food. I try feeding him first and hurry up and feed the other two before he can finish his so that they get enough to eat. But, he eats fast and it is a race for the three of us! They are much bigger than I am and I am forced to let them haggle it out on their own. That's the story on the farm! All else is great!!!!