Friday, November 11, 2011

Mt. Rainier Yesterday

This was a shot of Mt. Rainier from the pasture where the horses reside. Although the sky looks ominous, you can see Mt. Rainier just peeking up in the background. It was much prettier in person and this isn't a very good shot. But, what a contrast from today as the storm from Alaska is getting ready to pelt this area in just a few hours. We are on storm watch and the winds are suppose to be dramatic. The weather never fails me when I am at the farm and I usually have at least one day of disastrous weather before leaving.
The farm animals are all doing well. Cassie never ceases to amaze me as she always manages to be up to at least one antic a day. Yesterday she ate half my sandwich. I made the sandwich and turned around to put the condiments in the refrigerator and in the four steps it took to put things away, she grabbed and ran! So, she had a chicken sandwich for lunch! And she is so dang cute, you can't get mad at her. Besides, whose fault was it anyway.....uh, that would be MINE!
The pups are all laying around being lazy. The horses are grazing until the winds and rain come. Laramie is still being a pill at feeding time. I have figured out a way for the other horses to get at least half of their treats at night eaten before Laramie takes over their feeding bowls. I have thought about closing him in the stall until the others eat, but I do not know his temperment enough to know if that would freak him out or not, so we will continue to try and outwit him.
There has been a rash of burglaries in the surrounding cities. Although the farm is pretty remote, better to be safe than sorry. Apparently, the breakins are ocurring in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. They gain access via the garage remotes left in the vehicles and wipe you out of all your worldly possessions while you are asleep. So, I scanned all the vehicles and grabbed the remotes! The last breakin was just blocks from my home in Maple Valley, so this one hit 'close to home'- literally!
Kathy will be here at the farm for the next few days but I will be visiting twice a day so I will continue the blog from where I am dogsitting with Abbie! But, everything is A-O-K!