Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last day with Abbie.......

Well, today is my last day with Abbie Girl. She is a gem and has been good girl the whole time. I know she is sick of me though and excited to spend the holidays with her whole family. She is still getting up in the night, at least once, but sometimes twice. It isn't consistent so not sure if she has a little bladder infection going on? The weather is cold and dreary. There are a lot of leaves on the property and I haven't seen a gardner since I have been here? Perhaps they came and I didn't notice? All else is perfect! Nothing new to report. Abbie will be very happy to see Mom and Dad tomorrow night! Until my next visit, Happy Howlidays to Abbie's family and all my other clients as well. Stay tuned for some pictures of a new client who has 6-month old Labs! How fun will that be!!