Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Horses and QVC

Well, it seems Kathy is right in her element (and I don't mean her car). She has a view of her two most favorite things on the farm. The horses she sits and stares at out the big bay window during the day.......and the Television so that she can shop all day on QVC. Between the two of us I think we OWN that station! We are busy Christmas shopping, each of us in our perspective pet sitting gigs!
She says there isn't much else going on. The weather today is chilly, but no snow in Enumclaw. As a matter of fact, the weather is better in Enumclaw today than it is in Maple Valley. But, she and the dogs and the horses are all doing fine. Quiet and uneventful which is just how we like it when we are watching someone's fur children!