Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Abbie's fine...but another client not so good

Abbie is good and not getting any treats.

Can you tell? Shhhhhh, Abbie, don't tell Mama.

We have been fine and have enjoyed quite a bit of time together. I rarely leave but today was a little bit different.

I have a client who lives very close to Abbie. She was away on a business meeting in Orlando. She has the four dogs you can see WAYYYY back on my older posts on my blog. She built an add-on to her home for her dogs to live until she brings them in the house. Her house sits on about 5 acres and is very remote. I go there early morning and late night to put her dogs to bed and wake them up. I enter her house to get medication and never thought about the possibility of someone being in the house. Today, I picked her up at the airport at 12:30. We went straight to her house and then I returned to check on Abbie before going to WalMart. My client wanted to ride along to WalMart with me as she needed to pick up a few things. We dropped her suitcase in her living room and she joined me in the truck and we left. After grabbing a bite to eat and going to WalMart (90 minutes) we returned to her house where I dropped her off. I was on my way back to Abbie when she called me frantic and crying. Someone had robbed her home and she was afraid they were still in the house. I made it back to her at lightening speed to find her a nervous mess! The back french doors and the front door were unlocked and the french doors were broken where they forced their way in. When she entered she noticed the suitcase was not where she left it and a bad feeling came over her before realizing something wasn't right. I did my best to calm her down and we called the police. It took them 90 minutes to respond. They checked the entire house and found no one. But, it was obvious they were frightened off as they left evidence that they were not done stealing the laptop, the printer, the DVD player, stereo, etc. It appeared they loaded her suitcase with jewelry and other small items, took a painting off the wall and ransacked some drawer.

After speaking with the police, we suspect that she and I frightened them off when we stopped to drop her suitcase. She did not enter except to drop it off, change pants in her living room and leave. The upstairs bedrooms were ransacked and we believe they were up there when we were there. This was a very scarey ordeal and we were both left a little shaken. I called a friend to go to her house and stay with her tonight as I am pet sitting with Abbie and would never leave her alone.

So, you see, the life of a pet-sitter is seldom mundane! Between unknown critters and robbers....I think it is time I write a book called 'Pet Sitting Ain't Easy'!