Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Earry Sound.......

We are keeping our ears open for any new rustling in the closet. The pest control technician came out yesterday to investigate our noise in the closet. Just as it happens when you have a 'noise' in your car and take it to the mechanic, only to find that the noise didn't happen when the mechanic was driving it.....this was the case with pest control. He opened the closet door and looked where I told him the noise was coming from. There were shelves there and no sign of pest droppings. We looked in the adjoining Water Heater closet to find no droppings in that closet either. However, he did say there was a hold that something could get through. He placed two adhesive traps in each of the two closets and said 'Well...we will see what turns up'. With that said, he turned and left. So, Abbie and I are keeping our ears open (as you can see) and if I hear it again, I'm going in with my camera!!! It was pretty quiet last night but we did hear noises the night before.
Other than our adventures in the closet, everything is quite peaceful. Abbie gets her daily walk and I just learned yesterday that she is trained to carry a package to the door. And, if she is NOT trained, er, uhhhh....I trained her to carry the package to the door. She amazes me everytime I sit with her. She has got to be the brightest of all my fur children. Well, besides all my other client's fur children :-)