Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ginger and the Gang!

Meet newest companion! She is a retriever with personality! She's lean and wirey and has a very sweet personality. Ginger is buddies with Kira. You can see Kira by looking back at my older posts. Like Kira, she loves to walk and play and jump on you if she catches you off guard. I have learned over the years of taking care of dogs, its like having freckles...some do and some don't. Same with dogs who like to greet you by jumping on you. Most can be trained...but for some, it is just their personality. Ginger and I have bonded and she actually watches out the window when I leave. But, yesterday was our first day and we needed to learn each other's boundaries. We went for a walk on her beautiful woodsy street and by the end of our walk, she was excited and wanted to play. She lunged at me and I put my arm up as she was jumping. Unfortunately, and not because she did anything wrong, it caught my arm and caused two open gashes. I woke up this morning with an arm and hand swollen to about twice its size. Poor little Ginger....all she wanted to do was play and it was not her fault that I got my arm in the way!So, I took a little trip to Urgent Care. They fixed me up, gave me some antibiotics and I was back in business. We probably won't be able to walk for a day or two, but we do enjoy going out onto the property behind her house. In fact, I truly think Ginger prefers this as she is much calmer in those surroundings. All in all, I think we have bonded and Ginger already knows the drill. She hears me opening the door and comes to greet me wagging her little tail. She is adorable.Ginger lives with four cats as well. Three of them are very friendly, but the fourth is no where to be seen. At least - not by me. I've been told that she is very much her mommy's cat and usually stays upstairs. The other three are already used to me coming in and giving food. They have no problem eating and I really have to watch because all of them, including Ginger like to eat each other's food. Everyone is doing great and we are all getting used to each other. That doesn't mean they don't miss their family though.....I'm sure they do.