Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mach One!

Its my third day with Ginger and the feline gang. We have gotten used to the routine.....up at 7am, out to do our business and then eat. Mid-day walk at 1:30 - 2:00 pm and a snack. Walk and eat at 8:30pm and off to bed by 9pm. Until today, Ginger has had no problems going outside with me. We have had rain and hail today and maybe even a thunder shower at one point. I took my umbrella to my mid-day visit and Ginger was spooked by it. I laid it on the counter in the kitchen, but she was not coming anywhere near it. I finally took it to my car and re-entered hoping that would soothe her ruffled feathers. She eventually came to me but not before checking out the kitchen and that intruding umbrella. She is very cute.
After we established it was just Ginger, Me and the Lead, she led me outside and we began a walk around the grounds. It was raining and she didn't enjoy the droplets at first, but soon began sniffing all the spots she usually does her business. After a good long while, it appeared she was ready to rejoin the felines in the house. I turned around and all of a sudden, she performed what I have deemed as 'Mach One'! This is when an animal, dog or cat, decides out of no where to get a burst of energy and run like hell! I had Ginger on the 9 ft. lead so she had a lot of room to run. She began running in circles so fast I couldn't keep up and soon was literally dragging me around the property. Her mommy has a technique with Binaca, but I think you have to get NEAR her to use it! I finally manage to wrangle her towards the house and just as quickly as she had that burst of energy, she became calm and looked at me like 'Whaaat?'. Seriously, I looked around for the hidden camera because it had to be hysterical to anyone that watched!
We went back into the house and I gave her treats. When I left, she was in the window looking out and I could hear her let out a little whimper as if to say...."Don't go...I really LIKE dragging you around"......The cats? .... They could care less!