Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Dynamic Duo......

Meet Oscar and Otis. I don't get to see these two very often, but when I do, they greet me as if I were a long-lost friend. They hear my car pull up and begin barking. Once I have reached the garage, they run up to the deck and wait patiently (okay, IMpatiently) until I open the slider to let them in. And, even though they are in for a short time, they are always grateful that I have come to visit. They have sweet dispositions although they each have their own personality. As most of my fur friends know....I always come equipped with treats for them. Oscar is sweet and he is the talker. He talks from the time I arrive until the time I leave. Otis is much less talkative, but one look from those big brown eyes and he "had me at hello!"

Today was my last day to take care of them and I will miss them until the next time. They were perfect little dog angels!