Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Awwwww Relaxation

You can see that these animals are not well-adjusted...just look how timid she is, she is on the edge of her seat....can't seem to sit still....YEAH, Right! This is Ursa. She is the comedienne. When she sleeps.....she SLEEPS! She's also a bed hog. I wake up with a paw in my back or worse...her butt in my face! Yesterday she displayed a little bit of bad behaviour. First of all, she got the bag of treats I brought them and ate the whole bag. Poor Ben probably didn't get any. Then, last night she wanted to eat Mia! She truly scared me as she was seriously after that cat. By the looks of the picture above, you would think they were forever friends, but apparently Mia did something to tick her off.

All are doing well. I don't think Ben is feeling spiffy and he has had problems (the runs) since I arrived. I will make him some rice today to try and get his stomach back in shape. If I remember, this is a constant with him as I think he had the same problem last time I was here. Ricky the kitty has not gotten past me the last couple of days! HA....I WIN!