Friday, April 11, 2008

Coming to an end.....

Ginger and I have had fun. She is full of P. an V. (if you know what I mean). She runs to the door when I come in and jumps and barks as if to say 'Its about time'! We have gotten into a rhythm and I visit with all the nurses that work at Ginger's house. She is used to my coming and going and knows when I am going to feed her. She also knows I never leave the house without treats first! I sometimes wonder who is alpha person.

We like to roam the back grounds and talk to Mr. Ed. That is what I have named the gray horse behind their property. The first day I was walking Ginger, the horse came over to the fence and I swear he said 'Hi'......I called him Mr. Ed and he didn't mind. Anyone reading this blog under the age of 50 has no idea what I am referring to when I call him Mr. Ed.....for you youngins'...he was a talking horse on T.V. All the cats are used to me now as well. They come to eat, ask to go outside. In fact, I am so special that Pumpkin decided to bring me a mouse. This is a sign that they like you and they are bringing you a prize. Not as bad as some presents I have received, but we opted to leave it outside. All in all, everything went quite smoothly. It was a pleasure taking care of Ginger. I got to see her walking buddy, Kira today too. I can see Kira and Ginger being great friends. Tomorrow morning is my last visit. I will miss them until next time.