Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Elk of a scare!

By the looks of these two, you would think it is always calm at their house. Usually, it is! But, last night around dusk, we decided to go for a walk. I opened the door and Ursa (black lab) took off with me on the other end of her lead. Ben was a little slower getting out the door, but once I got my bearings to see what Ursa was chasing, I was face to face with two large Elk. They were grazing the lawn and Ursa was about to let then know she was large and in charge. I managed to restrain her and we headed right back in the house. The Elk grazed for another 30 minutes before disappearing into the trees that line the road to their house.
When I knew the coast was clear, we mounted up again and went out side. This time Ben (the senior) took off after a flash that ran through the bushes behind their house. All I know is that it was bigger than a rabbit, but not as big as a, I'm still left to wonder what that anmal was. I've never seen Ben move that fast as he usually walks with a lumber and doesn't hurry to do anything! I turned around and he was gone....I called out to him several times and couldn't see hide nor hair of him. I quickly took Ursa back into the house and went outside to find Ben. I called and called and no sight of him. I was really starting to worry and was probably looking only 15 minutes when I caught a flash of his red fur behind a bush. It took him some time to find a spot between the bushes that he could fit between, but eventually, he found his way to his property and we were back in the safe comfort of their home.
Each time something like this happens to me, it teaches me a new lesson.

First: Avoid going out at Dusk
Second: Look out the door before exiting!
The rest of the evening was uneventful. All the animals are doing well. Ben has had a problem with his bowels since I arrived, so I cooked him some brown rice and I have been adding it to his kibble. He's digesting it well and he has improved. Of course, Ursa gets some too as it wouldn't be fair to see those big brown eyes looking up at me wondering where her treat was. Ursa's chest is healing very nicely and there haven't been any incidents with it so far.
To more days here and their Mommy and Daddy will be home. I'll be back here in September and will look forward to that visit as well.