Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring White!

Well, it has been snowing here since yesterday morning. The dogs are nestled in their beds and don't seem to care because I am here with them and they have all they need.
The little black cat, on the other hand, is determined to give me a heart attack. We have never talked about them being indoor or outdoor cats, but as far as I am concerned they are all indoor when I am on watch! LOL.
Well, she darted out the door again this morning. She has yet to come back and I am beginning to worry. I wonder if this is something she does all the time? I would hate to think anything would happen to her, but she seems to think this is normal for her. I check the door every ten minutes waiting on her return. I will not relax until I see her little black face come back through the door.
Another thing I didn't discuss with the fur children's parents is Ben. He seems to be in quite a bit of joint discomfort. He has also had the runs since I got here. We are going outdoors in the middle of the night and he does his business every time we go out. Other than that, everything is fine. I am fortunate that I am not working elsewhere and I can spend a whole lot of time with them. They will be sick of me by the time I leave!