Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gloomy in Bellevue

Even though this background isn't Bellevue, it looks like Bellevue today. I couldn't see the lake this morning which is a welcomed sight each day. It was very foggy, barely able to see across the street. Yesterday was full of rain....rain....and more rain. The neighbors moved out and it was sad to see those guys working so hard and getting soaked. But Mattie and Sophie loved it. They wanted out all day. The rug needs washing now which I will do before I sense doing it now! We cleaned up the back yard but Sophie is a scavanger! She can find things and I have no idea where she gets it. Mattie is more visual and just gets what is in front of her. But Sophie explores until she finds the right treat to chew up. I have been giving them their chew bones as they last a long while and they give them that feeling of accomplishment and are chewing other things less. However, I have to pull it out of Mattie's throat when it gets down to about 8 inches.
The dogs have adjust well and already love me. Thank goodness for that.
As far as the elusive cat, Links? Well, I think he has a bell on his collar? I hear him run from the Master Bathroom to his cat box and eat and then run back to that hole in the wall. I can't get up the stairs fast enough to block that hole. Too bad there aren't cameras in this house because I am sure I would make it on 'Funniest Home Videos'. I must look comical trying to outrun, outsmart and outwit this cat. Its like 'Cat Survivor' and I am being beaten by a CAT!